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  • 4.28.2015

    The Kevyn Aucoin Contour


    Unless you’ve been living under a rock, chances are you know what contouring is. It can be a baffling ol’ world trying to sculpt one’s own face with make-up. There’s what I like to call the ‘scary’ looking Kim Kardashian style, which looks fantastic once it’s done but not ideal to do when you’re late for work and you still can’t find your shoes…. (more…)


    Gold Crush Hair Vitamins

    gold crush

    You may have noticed that as of late, I’ve been on a bit of a ‘get silky locks‘ mission. I mean, who isn’t? Unless you already have silky locks then erm….yeah, you may as well stop reading. Or perhaps you’ve already discovered Gold Crush Hair Vitamins! You clever thing you. I’ve always been a big believer in beauty from within. I try and eat healthily, exercise and guzzle lots of juice and H2o. So when these vitamins came into my life, I happily agreed to give them a whirl. (more…)


    The Cult Products

    cult productsThere are a fair few products that have gained cult status. The products that have undoubtedly graced a beauty bloggers bathroom – at least once. The celebs of the beauty world, if you will! Now any self respecting beauty geek has to dabble in the world of ‘cult’ – whether it’s just to see what all the fuss is about or you simply have to have it! Behold friends – the ‘cult’ products that have made it to celebrity beauty status. (more…)


    The Week

    It would seem as if time is running away from me. I have it in my hands each morning. Loads of it. Hours of it. Then goodness knows what happens, and all of a sudden it’s cut to –  lights out. Evidently am the eternal procrastinator. And we all know that Beyonce has 24 hours in the day. Just like us. So frankly I am declaring myself a shambles. Although I could think of a million excuses as to why I just get so distracted – There are no excuses. This week and going forward my aim is to be more productive with my time (ahem) not spending hours researching quirky themed restaurants in Japan. Although that was rather productive seeing as I am going there in May! Woop! Kept that one quiet! Bottom line is amazing things can be acomplished when we focus and manage our time well. In spite of gloriously sunny days when you just feel like catching some rays and not much else!

    This week I’ve been loving….

    Cooking thanks to my weekly recipes boxes from the joy that is Able and Cole. I should really do a post on this one, as these boxes are crammed full of organic ingredients, ready for your to whip up delicious meals!  Of course they come complete with recipe cards, otherwise yours truly would probably burn down the kitchen. *cough, cough* I get the heavenly veggie box which is a delight and super easy to follow, even for kitchens idiots like me!

    Eye balling the Cult Beauty article that tells you exactly how you SHOULD be body brushing before you unveil your skin for summer. I have to admit, I’ve been guilty of scrubbing my skin raw … and yep, still had cellulite to show for it. Great.

    Browsing the incredible App that is Uncover. Utilising cancelled bookings and ‘no-shows’ you can now score tables at some of London’s best restaurants. This is like having your very own concierge in your pocket!

    Working it thanks to my other new favourite App – Class Pass. If you haven’t heard of this baby you should sign up now! It’s a fab new idea that’s already popular in the states, and lets you do classes at a multitude of London’s best studios for a monthly fee, which is really reasonable.  I’m currently doing the ten day trial for £10 which is just fantastic value for money!

    Buying these oh so pretty ASOS Daisy Blush Loafers. The name just says it all, doesn’t it! How cute will they look with some subtle pink or nude tones and white jeans. Can’t wait until they arrive!

    Hope you had a lovely week!



    Spring Style


    Call me an eternal optomist but it officially feels like Spring is here! It is. It’s got to be. I even cracked out the sunglasses and sandals today.That’s saying something. Sure, it may be raining cats and dogs next week but right now.. it’s glorious! All this warm weather made me seriously long for some spring items that would add a little freshness to a look. Adding a few simple touches can make you feel like you’ve ditched your weather worn look of winter and look forward to summer! Oh my. I’ve got a few fresh new beauty pics for you! The Tom Ford mascara’s are just divine and I’ve got my eyes on the Black Plum shade. Next I must tell you about the Topshop Ombre lipsticks. Packaged in a little two-tiered pot, these ombre lip pots promise to make your pout full and gorgeous! Then there’s the new Bobbi Brown cheek palette. Do I really need to say more? A flash of yellow, some floral kicks and an obligatory pair of white jeans… These are a few of my favourite things!

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