Urban Decay Naked 3 – The Day Time Look


The latest offering from Urban Decay was of course the beautiful Naked Palette 3, and in my opinion there haven’t really been many palettes that have out done it! Seeing as we all have this infamous palette, it’s important to think about all the different looks we can create with it. All too often we buy palettes and only use one or two colours from it. That’s no good, and I’m here to change your ways! So I recently brought you the Naked Palette 3 evening look, but this one  is all about using the palette for every day make-up. Natural, pretty and very wearable even to work- should you have the time in the morning!



Old School Beauty


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the ‘old school’ beauty brands that I used to use as a teen. The affordable go to brands, that made you feel hopeful that oh yes, your skin would look way better after using it. I literally used to have mini heart palpitations filling my basket with beauty goodies in Boots( a drug store for my US friends.) I started to think that while I always focus on the ‘higher end’ newer brands, I’m sure there are some good skin care items I used to use that I’ve since moved on from.

That’s when I welcomed Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips back into my life.  I remember using these but have long since left them behind.. until now all in the name of #oldschoolbeauty lol! 


First off you need to wash your nose ( this is specifically for nose pores!) Following that, you wet your nose and remove the skicky backing from the pore strip and stick it on. I must admit, I wasn’t hopeful. It really felt like a large glorified sticker that I didn’t think would do anything. Oh so wrong was I!

After around 10 minutes this pore strip hardens, then you slowly peel this off with the hopes it will take with it the gunk that lay beneath. I’m happy and rather grossed out to say it does just that! I was quite amazed – If you’ve never tried this you really need too, as apparently continued use will eventually minimise the size of your pores.

The only question left to ask is where can I get one of these for my entire face!? Anyone?


The Best Budget Face Wash


Ladies and gents, drum roll please… I think… nope, I’m pretty sure I’ve found the best budget face wash – ever. Scrape jaw off floor, because yes, you read that correctly. It is quite the statement I’ll admit it, and I don’t like to throw around ‘the best’ titles all too often (unless we’re talking food) but this face wash really impressed.



The Luscious Lash Guide


The eye’s are the windows to the soul, so why not take advantage of your most important feature with some top tips that will make your lashes truly fluttering. Oh yes, I went there! Pretty eyelashes are universally flattering. They’re the fail-safe go to beauty trick that will never look bad, and will always make your eyes look larger and more alluring. Fancy. The eyelashes have a quiet power all of their own, that can attract attention with minimal effort. Now that’s the kind of beauty I’m into.



Revlon Parfumerie – Apricot Nectar


I think you’d agree that the new Parfumerie nail polishes from Revlon are rather fancy looking. I could imagine these perched on some gorgeous dressing table, in some fabulous apartment overlooking the roof tops of Paris. I can almost hear the oh la la!  These little bottles are adorable, the square glass and cute round top make the packaging look far more luxe than the brand would suggest, but sadly I don’t think this new range has a very nice choice of colours. (more…)

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