7 Reasons To Be Happy It’s February

7 Reasons To Be Happy It’s February

So you’ve made it through January…. it can only go up from here! The first reason to smile? It’s February of course! The month packed full of fun, the promise of lighter evenings and Instagram worthy cherry blossoms… just around the corner. If you still need anymore convincing, read on to find out why you should be happy in February.

1. Dry January is finally over!

If you partook in the sans booze mission –  well done you. It’s time to grab yourself a well earned drink and enjoy. And those who decided to pass on the the alcohol hiatus; you finally have your drinking buddies back. Cheers all around I’d say! 


2.Eat pancakes for dinner

It’s not often that it’s a totally acceptable adult dinner choice to tuck into as many pancakes as humanly possible, but that is the beauty of pancake day. You can officially get stuck into pancakes (or crepes) and no one can judge you for your dietary choices. It’s on Tuesday 13th FYI…

3. Facebook is 14 years old!


So Facebook is well and truly into it’s teenage years and still going strong. Spare a thought for Marc Zuckerburg all those years ago, beavering away in a cramped dorm room, so you could share pictures of your ‘hot dog’ legs. Or sell a sofa. Or like your mates’ baby pictures. Or start a revolution. Pretty amazing stuff!

4. Show the love

Okay, so Valentines Day may or may not put a smile on your face. The one thing I do know for sure though, is that you are totally and utterly allowed to eat your body weight in chocolate and drink as much wine as you like. Relationship or not – because I said so.

 5. Chow down on Chinese food

China Town has got to be one of my favourite places in London and when you throw in a dancing dragon – well that’s my perfect day right there! Plus, this is the year of the Dog – aka, my lucky year! Want to know where to eat this Chinese New Year? Make sure you check out this guide about where to celebrate Chinese New Year – which falls on Friday the 16th – and  you’ll chow down on noodles to your hearts content!

6. Leave work in the daylight


February means that the evenings are finally starting to get lighter and you’ll even be able to leave work in the daylight. A game changer in my book! Summer is just around the corner people. I can almost smell the BBQ’s.

7. Pay it forwards

Didn’t know there was a Random Acts of Kindness Day? Well you do now! On February 17th, you’re encouraged to do something kind for someone – because kindness starts with one – and the world needs more love. Simples. 

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