10 Amazing Beauty Tips for Acne Sufferers

10 Amazing Beauty Tips for Acne Sufferers

make-up tips for acne sufferers

Way back when, I trained to be a make-up artist at the Delamar Academy. Besides learning how to make people look gorgeous and also pretty darn grotesque, I was lucky enough to meet one of my dearest friends, Nipona. She’s gone on to do some amazing make-up work in both America and London – and lucky for me, she’s always on hand to offer up incredible make-up tips and tricks.

Not only is Nipona an amazing make-up artist, she’s also a pro at covering up acne, as she too suffers from this confidence depleting skin condition. I know first hand that acne can make you feel totally rubbish. Fear not though – Nipona has come up with 10 amazing tricks to make you look and feel your best, so you can laugh in the face of any raging, angry spots!

1. Red acne sufferers should always use a yellow corrector, applied with a beauty blender as you can press the product into the skin without irritating your spots. This will correct and blur away redness. Go for Mac’s studio duo concealer.

2. Avoid waterproof products because they are often to heavy and your skin needs to breath and these types of products can clog the skin. Try to go make-up free as often as possible!

3. Use a primer with Salicylic Acid as this ingredient has been proven to help problem skin, whilst helping to keep your make-up on your spots – covering them up! Nipona’s favourite is the Smashbox blemish control primer.

4. Always powder on your spots to seal your make-up on to the spots. If your skin stays damp or moist, your make-up will move off of the spots. Go for a mineral based powder as they are natural and will still allow your skin to breath.

5. Avoid red & pink toned blushers as they won’t do red or aggressive acne any favours. They will only accentuate your problem areas. Instead opt for bronze or peach blushers, or avoid blusher altogether.

6. Make the most of your eyes or lips to draw attention away from the skin. You can still look made up with a smoky eye or a bold lip and keep the rest of your skin matte.

7. Avoid contouring and cream make-up products. Your skin needs to be smooth to create a contoured effect so it’s best to avoid this technique. If you really want to contour, you can opt for a subtle powder contour in the hollows of your cheekbones, but stay away from applying directly onto your acne.

8. Highlight blemish free areas to draw attention to healthy looking skin. Good areas to focus on (providing they are blemish free) are:

• Top of the cheeks

• Under the brows

• Down the nose

• Middle of the forehead

• Cupids bow

• Chin

9.  Double cleanse your skin at night and make sure you remove all your make-up to help promote healing. Use a Micellar Water as the first step of cleansing and then use a deeper cleanser such as Emma Hardie’s Amazing Face to remove all the last traces of make-up.

10. Sleep with Sudocrem (yup, nappy rash cream) on your spots at night. This will help them to heal and zap blemishes away. Put your hair up as you sleep and place a towel on your pillow to avoid any mess.

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