10 Celeb Make-up Artist Top Tips!


I love learning as much about make-up as possible. I did a make-up course a while back, but there’s always more to learn, as skills, techniques and products constantly change and evolve. Did anyone even know what contouring was 6 years ago? Thanks to Kim K and a face of brown and white strategically applied marks – we’re now obsessed with the pro skills that will make us look amazing. All hail cheekbones! So here are the top tips that I learnt from Renny Vasquez in his class at The Make-up Show Orlando! Look out Kim – now we can all sculpt!

Top Tips!

1. Always contour with a colour 2 shades darker than your own skin tone

2. Highlight above the cheek bone and just above the jaw line, with the dark shade directly below

3. Use a MAC 217 brush to contour the nose

4. Apply the product down the side of your nose and under the brow for a natural look

5. Use AJ Crimson Cream Foundation – Renny’s fave!

6. Tissue blot your face after you’ve applied foundation to absorb excess oil.

7. Create a ‘cut crease’ using a fan brush

8. Always apply a primer before your foundation like Embryolisse

9. Blend, blend and blend some more!

10. Use a beauty blender to ‘bounce’ and blend in your contour colour

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