20 Things to Remember in 2015


1. Be thankful. Stop wishing for things you had and learn to be grateful for what you do have. You’ll not only feel happier, but your whole life can change for the better. Take a moment each day to make a mental list of all the things you are grateful for. Even if your list starts off with something small, like being able to read this!

2. Be kind to yourself. It’s easy to get wrapped up into thinking you need to be more and do more. Imagine saying the things you say about yourself to your best friend. Yeah, not cool. So instead of constantly ‘self bashing’ try and give yourself a little compliment instead.

3. Comparison is the death of happiness. Enough said.

4. Be a kid again. If you can’t think of what makes you happy, think back to those simpler days of childhood. There must be something you loved to do. Be care free, have fun and channel you inner kid.

5. Failure isn’t always a bad thing. Business man Richard Branson once said that he learned more from his mistakes than his successes. Being able to admit you made a mistake and knowing when to walk away is incredibly brave.

6. Live in the present moment. Being a blogger we can often miss moments by photographing them or tweeting them. Try and switch off every now and again and just enjoy the moment. Enjoy the people you’re with and what you’re doing. Before you know it, it will be over.

7. Have fun. Simple, but so often forgotten. Try and do one thing every week that you find fun or challenging.

8. Do new things, meet new people. New experiences and new people can present wonderful opportunities. Get out there and do something you wouldn’t normally do. Getting out of your comfort zone will challenge and change you for the best – and even if you hate it, you’ve now got a great story to tell.

9. Be kind to people. It’s amazing how many people don’t smile at each other or even hold doors open. These small and seemingly insignificant acts of kindness can make someones day – plus it feels nice to be nice!

10. Discover where you live. Whenever I move somewhere new, I make it my mission to discover as much as possible about my new home. Read the local newspapers, check out events online, go to new restaurants and bars and learn more about where you live.

11. Be healthy, but don’t get obsessed. This is a tricky one. It’s great to be healthy but if you take it to the level where you’re stressed out if you’re invited out for dinner, then you’ve gone too far. The occasional pizza or piece of chocolate cake is good for the soul, so go on and enjoy!

12. Your self worth is so much more than your physical appearance. This might sound a bit strange seeing as this is a beauty blog, but it’s true. Make-up, clothes, etc, should be fun – but know that you’re so much more than how you look. Be the best possible version of you and your inner beauty will always shine through.

13. Listen to music. Music is good for the soul and can take you out of your current situation.

14. Lead your life with good intentions. A famous celebrity make-up artist told me this after he told the amazing story of his success. He said if you always lead your life with good intentions then good things will happen, and they certainly did for him.

15. Take risks. Sure, if you jump you might fall but life’s no fun spent lying on the ground. Ultimately we all regret the things we didn’t do, not the things we did.

16. Celebrate. Don’t forget to celebrate with people. Whether it’s your other half’s birthday or an anniversary. Keep life special and exciting and don’t become complacent. Most relationships end because we stop doing the things it took to get them in the first place.

17. Learn to let things go. Holding grudges can take their toll and truly there’s no point. Take some time and then move on. You can’t live in the now if you’re constantly obsessed with the past.

18. Travel more. Going to new places is exciting and fun! Expand you horizons and go somewhere new. You never know what adventure is waiting for you.

19. Watch more movies. Good day or bad day movies make things better and can help change your outlook.

20. Choose to be happy. It really is a choice.


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