5 Simple Secrets to Totally Rocking Your New Year

5 Simple Secrets to Totally Rocking Your New Year

First and foremost lets start off by saying happy new year!! Can you believe it’s 2018 already?! I’m normally a big fan of New Year and the opportunity it presents to whip out that theoretical ‘blank slate.’  I know deep down that really, its just an arbitrary measure of the passing of time, but I suppose because it’s right around the time of my birthday, It’s held a lot of significance for me. To me, it’s about reinvention, renewal and self reflection.

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This year though, I’ve had a tough time getting on board with the resolutions and the ‘brand new me’ mantra.  I’ve been reading other peeps lists of ‘new years resolutions and they just seem a bit… well, dull. Instead of ways to make the year fun and exciting, they seem like an endless list of chores that you must ‘tick off’ in order to feel like you’ve accomplished something. Not to mention that there always seems to be so much guilt surrounding the idea of resolutions (and breaking them.)

So, I’ve had a bit of a ponder and come up with a totally rocking ‘happy new year’ plan….. and none of them involve chores – or joining a gym for that matter.

Simple Secrets to a Happy New Year


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1. Worry less and smile more

Simple to say, harder to do, but if you can master this one you’ll be so much happier. I often find that if I really can’t ‘switch off‘ it’s either because I have too much going on, or too little – and therefore – too much time to think about stuff. The key is finding that happy medium! Next time you’re worrying about something ask yourself; Do I have any control over this situation? If the answer is yes.. write down what you can do to help resolve what you’re worrying about. If the answer is no, then tell yourself that worrying won’t help solve anything, it will just distract you from the joy you could be having. Everything will work out in the end. It always does.

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2. Be present

Living in the digital age as we do, this one can be tricky, but it’s important to create time when you can truly switch off! Getting Facebook memories can be lovely (or not), but living in the past and having it consume your present, isn’t. So, whether that’s in a yoga class, a Friday night movie, a digital detox or a walk in the park (without your phone!) Having moments of calm can really refresh your mind and make you more present. Take time to notice the things around you and remember to put down your phone down and ‘look up’ each day. Try and find peace with the past, then make each day count today.

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3. Do more of the things you love

It’s the little things in life that truly make it lovely and we all have certain ways of whiling away our time that makes you feel happy. All too often though we can make ourselves feel bad about doing ‘nothing’. Netflix marathon? Why not. You don’t have to be switched on and busy all day, erryday.. 7 days a week. Potter around your house, read some blogs.. do whatever it is that makes you happy.

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4. Be strong

Sometimes life isn’t a walk in the park – sometimes its tough and sometimes things happen to challenge us, but those very experiences will eventually make you stronger. It’s during those tough times that you really grow, become resourceful and resilient. You’re more powerful than you know. Believe it girl. 

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5. Dream big

Remember when you were a kid and ideas were endless? That’s because there were no boundaries in the world of big imaginations. Most people around you were probably your biggest fans and your constant cheerleaders. So, be a cheerleader for yourself… with the risk of sounding totally cheesy… be your own biggest fan! If you wouldn’t say it to a friend, don’t think it about yourself. So now we’ve got that sorted, you can get to work mastering your dreams! Write down what makes you happy and see if you can grow some big, magical dreams out of the things that make you smile. If you really want to achieve something, keep working at it, push forwards and be an ideas person. If someone really does tell you ‘no’ just think of another way… because ultimately, there’s always another way.


Final thought.. January is bleak enough, why cut out booze too? Go vegan and save animals instead! Have you got any big plans to change your life this new year? 

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