6 Ways You Can Stay Shine Free

6 Ways You Can Stay Shine Free
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For the past two weeks I’ve completely shamed myself in the beauty game. A new situation meant I had to wake up super early and navigate the horror otherwise none as rush hour on the tube and let me tell you… one does not look pretty at the end of it. My personal dilemma was rocking a disgusting shiny face all day long thanks to the sauna like temperatures of the Jubilee line. It was not my best look. Two weeks later, I’ve gathered my thoughts on how to conquer ‘shine face’ and hopefully see out the day in a much more presentable manner.

This friends, is your guide on how to stay shine free!

1.Always use oil free products

An oil free foundation can keep you looking matte and shine free for longer. Forget the dewy look – rush hour on the tube will do that for you. Go sans oil and pop your foundation in your bag for touch ups later in the day.

2.Powder your foundation

Think of this step as sealing in your make-up to stay on your face longer and keeping you shine free. I love the Make-up Forever HD powder but any pressed powder will do the trick – if you don’t want to add colour go for translucent. For all day long shine free results you’re going to need to keep on powdering. My skin is so shiny I have to powder about once an hour. True story.

3.Blotting papers

I always forget about these nifty little oil absorbers but they’re great to pop in your handbag and blot away shine and oil throughout the day. Quick, easy and really effective. So long oil!


Forgot your blotting papers? No fear, reach for some kitchen roll and press it on to the shiny, oily areas of your face. Even loo roll should do the trick. Anything to soak up the oil and stop that face being super shiny.

5. Slap on a mud mask

When you get home from work or school reach for a mud mask to deeply cleanse your skin and address oily, greasy complexions. Soaking up the oil via your skincare regime will help your make-up look better and your skin won’t be as oily as usual. I like to do this about once a week when my skin is extra greasy.

6. Don’t touch your face

Your hands have natural oils and so does your face, so putting the two together just increases the oil level, not to mention it transfers bacteria from your fingers to your skin which could cause major breakouts.

Basically, I’ve got to give it to you morning commuters –  looking good is tough first thing and to stay looking good all day long – well isn’t that the eternal struggle! I’m taking inspiration from all you red lipstick wearing ladies out there in morning rush hour. To apply a bold lip at horrid a clock is amazing – I applaud you.

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