A LUSH Christmas

lushxmasFew companies jump right into Christmas, clutching tinsel and sparkly stuff like LUSH does. Every year they churn out a wonderful array of unique Christmas products, not forgetting to include an old favorite or two. Thank goodness they haven’t turned their back on good old Snow Fairy. I think I would cry if they stopped making this bottle of pink heaven. Its definitely one for the sweet smelling gal, as it literally smells like candy floss. Now really, who doesn’t want to smell like an edible treat!?

lushxmas3I’m still mourning life without a bath, so my favorite Lush bath-bombs were off the cards, but if you’re in the market for one they have an adorable penguin shaped beauty. Instead I picked up Snow Fairy of course, and for those who love this, stock up now as it’s only out for Christmas!

Next up I bagged myself the main man himself, Mr Claus, in the form of a Body Butter. He goes by the name of Sandy Santa, and has both murumuru butter and shea butter, mixed with a sugar scrub. The sugar will slough off dead winter skin, and the butters will lock in moisture, leaving you silky soft. This is a spin off of their original sugar scrubs, which were a little too harsh for me, so the new addition of essential oils and butters make this the perfect winter skin savior for the body.DSC03307

Lastly I picked up Santa’s Lip Scrub which is essential for soft flake free lips in the cold months. It’s packed with caster sugar for sweetness and exfoliation, coconut oil for moisture, and extracts of cherries and dates. Use this to gently slough off dry skin, and get your lips kissable for those moments under the mistletoe! Did I mention this also smells *and tastes* like cola bottle sweets. Not that I’m advocating eating the stuff but if a little bit happens to get munched, it’s pretty darn delicious! I love that it makes your lips tingle, and improves the circulation of blood flow making your lip appear a little more pouty. This is ideal to use followed by a lovely lip balm, and before you apply the hottest ‘red’ holiday lipstick.

Have you picked up anything from LUSH this Christmas?

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