A spoon. Full of beauty.

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A spoon full of beauty is of course the promise behind the new, must have beauty drink, Fountain. Yes, I know you’ve heard me rattle on about beauty drinks before, but this one is no ordinary beauty beverage. Fountain is the latest potent beauty molecule, with impressive credentials, that will make you want to swig more than the allocated dose of a teaspoon full.. don’t though. The idea is that this drink, unlike topical creams, works from within, and Fountain contains the first ever water-soluble form of Reservatrol that has the ability to do just that.

Whats all the buzz about Reservatrol?

  • Reservatrol is a powerful antioxidant praised for it’s ability to delay and ward off the unwanted effects of aging. Usually found in red wine *score* and the lesser known Japanese knotweed, this ingredient is  added to countless creams to try to battle the war on age. Each teaspoon full of Fountain contains as much Reservatrol as 26,000 grapes. Now that would be a lot of wine!
  • Not only does Reservatrol battle the wrinkles, Harvard researchers have found that it can also promote health and longevity, while  having positive effects on cardiovascular health, Alzheimer’s disease , and certain types of cancer. Pretty impressive stuff.
  • Before now though, scientists couldn’t prove that creams full of this wonder ingredient could actually penetrate the skin, as all the studies were based on supplements, which is why the only water soluble form of Reservatrol, Fountain The Beauty Molecule, is quite revolutionary beauty elixir.

How does it work? The science bit….

  • Our cells divide to create new cells, and these new cells can often be abnormal and uneven compared with the original. This process is what we know as aging. Reservatrol works by encouraging the division of cells at a slower pace, which in turn delays the effects of aging.  Fountain is also packed with other antioxidant ingredients such as black carrot and hyaluronic acid, which boosts Reservatrols effects by promoting collagen production. Amazing.


You can mix this in with your favorite drink, but really it’s one tiny teaspoon, if you don’t like the taste you can just down it like medicine. Simples. To me this tastes like liquid throat lozenge’s – not too terrible, but not delightful either. This is definitely going to be a staple product for me simply because I believe in the science behind the product, and I love the idea of it working from the inside out – after all looking good and being healthy will always go hand in hand, and one teaspoon full a day to look younger and be healthier – I’m all over that. This costs £24.99 and is available exclusively at Boots.

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