A Week In Face Masks

A Week In Face Masks


As you can see from the above picture – this post isn’t glamorous– the pictures aren’t pretty, but the results deliver! I’m getting back into face masks in a big way and here’s a little photo diary of my week in masks. Let’s face it, most of us have more than one skin care ‘issue’ that needs to be addressed, and with so many masks delivering incredible skin care benefits, it’s only right to share the face mask love!

Monday’s Mask: Is for tired, dreary Monday blues skin. Lack luster, dry and flaky. All that good stuff. I got a sample of this Skin Rescue Purifying Mask with Red Clay. I’ll admit right now, this looks down right terrifying! Like blood all over your face – yeah I said it – you know you were thinking it! No new boyfriends/girlfriends need to see you wearing this. Obvs. Besides the fear factor, this mask is AH -MAZING! You apply then peel this off. Super fun. It take’s with it flaky skin , whilst leaving your complexion soft and matte.


Wednesday’s Mask: Is the Garnier Skin Renew Tissue Mask. I dedicated an entire post to this freaky baby – whether it makes you laugh or cry out loud when you apply this – lol – when you take it off, it will give your skin a whopping dose of moisture! Perfect for hump day skin that’s been in an air conditioned office for a bit too long.

wednesday new




Saturday’s Mask: Is my go to mask before a night out. My absolute favourite mask for fabulous looking skin, and my number one choice for a bit of pre-party pampering. The REN Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask looks like marmalade, but once you remove this with a warm cloth, it will make your skin glow. Truly. Flakes will be gone and radiance will prevail! The perfect way to prepare your skin for make-up. Love, love, love this!


So, why not address all of your skin care woes and try out three face masks in one week! Or more…. who’s counting!

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  • Svetlana L

    I’m masks junkie… they work for me 🙂

  • Shannon

    Thank you for sharing all of these with us! Have a great day.

  • tisme143

    lol the first one I thought it was ketchup

  • Terri Shaw

    Thank you for sharing. I love masks.

  • Allyssa S

    I also thought that the first one was ketchup lol.
    I want to try all of the masks!

  • Danielle Pelton

    Like the masks.

  • Michelle Salais

    I’m a total maskie! I love to try out different ones.

  • I LOVE face masks!! I need them all!!

  • Debra Holloway

    I am not fond of face masks. However, I think I would try these.

  • Tiffany Kinney

    I gotta try the REN one!

  • Tia C

    I was all about trying the REN mask, then discovered it’s $50 for 2 oz. So I think I’ll stick with the Garnier mask, lol! Thanks for the reviews.

  • Claire Dye

    I have been looking for a product to minimize pores. Plus the idea of a mask you can peel off oddly makes me happy. So thank you for recommending these, especially the first one! Though I do agree it looks horrifying, lol.

  • Starla

    Thank you for all of your insight. I love to peel off masks.. only when they don’t kill my face. Lol. I really want to try the REN Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask!

  • I also use the garnier too!

  • disqus_WW0xQLL9eV

    I don’t use masks, but now that I read this, I might give one a try. Thanks for sharing.