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I’m Anna…..

Wedding look

Fluttering Lashes is a place to share all my new little discoveries, product reviews, pictures, make-up tips and tricks, travel ramblings, fashion faves – you name it, it could pop up here. Fluttering Lashes started life as a beauty and make-up blog, but I do like to mix things up, so be prepared for some foodie lovin’ fun, and more. I’m a professional writer by day and blogger by night. If you would like a nosey of my work you can find some examples here… want to work with me? Contact me here. 

I’m a London gal that’s traveled all over the world. I’ve lived in Greece and America, but now I’ve found myself back home in London baby. This might explain why you’ll see a mixture of US and UK spelling ( just in case you were wondering!) My confused phase.

I’m obsessed with traveling (note above picture), my Chihuahuas Bliss and Hef – and yes, the boy was named after the main man – Mr Hugh Hefner. I figured Hef may invite me to one of his parties if I name my dog after him. No such luck as of yet. But if you’re reading….DSC02187


Enough about me though.

I’m leaving you lovely people with this final thought:

In the words of Holly Golightly:

Happy girls are the prettiest girls!

So remember to always rock a smile…..
Thanks, for stopping by!

Anna x x x



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  • herbermama

    nice to meet you anna, can’t wait to read what you write 🙂

  • Hi Anna! Just dropped by to say hi!

  • Michelle Salais

    Hello Anna. Nice to meet you, Bliss, and Hef! A new fan here. Looking forward to reading your blog.

  • Shannon

    Nice to meet you! Have a sweet day!

  • tisme143

    Hello Anna 🙂 nice to meet you and thanks for sharing your blog with us @tisonlyme143

  • Allyssa S

    Hi Anna! I love your dogs’ names 🙂

  • MaryLou Sakosky

    So neat as I have Chihuahua too !! Rocky and my best buddy as lost family so he is ,plus 2 cats all i have .. the blog and the dogs !!

  • Shylo57

    I use to live in sunny Florida as well. Had to move back to the subtropics to take care of a dying relative. Now I am stuck, just dreaming of the day I can return to sunny Florida