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When you hear a brand’s mission is too “to allow all women to treat themselves to the most innovative cosmetics without having to sacrifice their budget,” that is a brand you need to get behind. When its a stylish Italian export, about to launch a new 2 story flagship store on Regents Street? You get excited, you get VERY excited.


Kiko make-up offers a staggering array of shades in eyeshadow, nail polishes,lip glosses and more, with a variety of different textures to suit all skin tones.The best part about this brand is that it’s incredibly friendly on the wallet, without sacrificing on quality. With the duo eyeshadow that I got above in shade 208 priced at £6.90, Kiko is a brand you can afford to experiment with.  I’m also the proud owner of the glossy rose hued lip pencil in 16. kikocollage

The eyeshadow is very velvety in finish and highly pigmented, which will probably surprise a lot of people considering this is a budget brand. The only thing I will say is that the glittery part of the duo will leave tiny flecks all over your face – so be warned – follow the advice in my glitter guide, and always do your glittery eye make-up before your skin make-up, and cleanse well after you’ve applied it, so that you pick up all the tiny amounts of glitter that has fallen. Trust me, a disco ball face in the middle of the day is not cool. Ever. DSC03226

The brand also does skin care and brushes, so there is plenty to see. If you’re in the London area the new Regents Street flagship store is expected to open on Novemeber 24th, for everyone else *sob* we can admire it here.

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