Aqualillies for Tarte


When I was a wee thing, I desperately wanted to be a synchronized swimmer. I took a fair few classes, but sadly I couldn’t get over the whole nose clip thang, and  soon jacked it in. Cut to – London Olympics 2012, and me glued to the TV watching the most glamorous creatures to ever dip in a pool – my dream was reignited all over again. I even, looked up some synchro classes, determined to own that nose clip, but with the approach of winter, my synchro dreams faded just as quickly as they appeared. Until, I found Aqualillies for Tarte make-up, inspired by America’s most gorgeous synchronized swimming team. The fastest way to gain some sort of synchro status if I do say so myself! If you’ve ever watched synchronized swimming before, you’ll know the gals all sport a full face of slap, which does not budge throughout the duration of the performance. Not so much as a smudge of eyeliner. AMAZING.

A pilgrimage to Sephora was made, a rummage through what was left of the range happened,sadly there wasn’t much left – clearly I was too slow on this Tarte range *sad face*  Luckily, I managed to bag a waterproof lipstick called timeless, which is a lovely, hot orangey red shade, that is super pigmented, and fun to wear.  tarte2

Seeing as Aqualillies is a waterproof range, I had assumed the lipstick would be very matte, and dry out the lips, but it’s moisturizing with some serious staying power to boot. Whilst it won’t stay on for an entire night of eating and drinking – I tested this hottie out in Miami – it will last a very long time, in extreme humidity, and leave a stained hue even after copious eats and drinks. This is a very bright shade, that I felt a little awkward wearing at first, as I don’t often wear loud highly pigmented lipsticks – I’m more of a bright stain kinda gal, but as soon as you rock this you will fall in love. This shade looks amazing with a tan, and I think the more tanned I became, the more comfortable I became wearing this. Pair timeless lipstick with a muted eye, and you will look like a total synchro babe – maybe just forget the swim cap.


If you head to Sephora, you can still find a few items from the Aqualillies range left, and as a last resort, Ebay or Amazon are always trusty alternatives! Check out the video of the amazing synchro girls who inspired this range, here.

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