Aveda Dry Remedy

Aveda Dry Remedy


When we’re talking tresses with issues – mine has ’em all! You name it, I have it. Frizziness? Yep. Dry? Naturally. Coloured? – Who are we kidding! So, living in a climate that is steamy on a good day, to darn right sweaty Betty on a bad day – my locks clearly don’t co-operate.

Then I was recommended Dry Remedy by Aveda from my lovely hairdresser, who explained that this was like Aveda’s version of Moroccan Oil. I’ve never tried the latter but I was on board with this baby – when I heard about its moisturising benefits! My hairdresser ( always listen to the pro’s) also told me that hair get’s frizzy because moisture and humidity enters dry hair – so the golden rule is – the more your keep you hair moisturised the less frizzy it will be. So there is hope!


In true Aveda style, this smells totally and utterly heavenly. Like a mini spa experience in a bottle!First I apply 2-4 drops into my wet hair from mid length to the ends and I leave it in, without rinsing. Make sure you don’t make the fatal mistake of applying this near your roots. I did this once, and we’re talking grease city peope! It was not pretty. If on the other hand you use this as directed, you will have more manageable, silky, shiny hair that is most of all – moisturised!

Adios frizzy hair! This gal is fighting back!

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  • Shannon

    This sounds like a great product. Thank you for your review.

  • Michelle Salais

    I need to try this for my hair. I have a coupon for Aveda. Thanks.

  • Melissa S

    I would like to try this, I have been looking for something to replace my biosilk.

  • Terri Shaw

    I would love this. Thank you for sharing your review.

  • Svetlana L

    Aveda goodies are great 🙂

  • TrishFr

    I would love to try this. I have tried the Moroccan oil and it makes my doo flat. I’ll have to give this a look. Thanks for sharing.

  • This sounds like something I want to try!!

  • Allyssa S

    I’d love to try this, my hair gets super frizzy when it’s humid out. I’ve tried coconut oil and jojoba oil, but they end up making my hair look greasy. Thanks!

  • tisme143

    this sounds lovely and something I can definitely be using 🙂 hate when i have a frizzy day loll thanks for share 🙂

  • Lisa R

    I need something for this hair of mine. Ever since I started getting gray hairs my hair seems to have more breakage and it also looks like its thinning…this might help the problem at least with the flyaways from breakage
    sibabe64 at ptd dot net