Avene Skin Recovery Cream

DSC02397When you first visit the Avene website, you soon realize, this is one serious skin care company. Serious as in they mean business, and will do what it takes to get your skin in tip top condition. I like.

Backed by a beefy history dating back to 1736 when it was first discovered that the thermal spring in Avene cured a horse of a skin disease *you can’t make this stuff up!*, the wonders of these thermal waters quickly attracted some serious attention. Not only did the waters cure this savvy horse’s skin ailments, but they also relieved burn victims, and sufferers from various other skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis. If you aren’t impressed by the horse story, I haven’t even told you about the hundreds of clinical studies, or the multiple dermatologists that vouch for the healing properties of the water, or the hydrotherapy center that delivers expert treatments to patients with severe skin conditions.

Luckily, for those who will probably never visit the quaint town within the Haut-Languedoc region of France, the lovely people at Avene decided to create an entire skin care range to bring the healing waters to the world. After a You Tube recommendation, I purchased my first Avene product: The Skin Recovery Cream, which bares the prestigious branding of an Allure beauty award. Fancy.DSC02396

I  have skin that’s easily irritated; when I was a child I was plagued by severe eczema, socks tied to my hands were a familiar night time occurrence – so I know the misery that skin conditions can bring. A brand thats aimed to cure skin conditions, gets the thumbs up from moi. Now my skin has a lot of patchy, flaky, dry patches, *lurverly*  so I was keen to give this cream a go even  before I even knew about all the clinical studies and the healing waters ( I blame You Tubers!) Thankfully it was a great recommendation, so I had to spread the word to you, ma beauty buddies.

The Avene Skin Recovery Cream, is extremely soothing, but not the slightest bit heavy, making it a pleasure to use. It’s specifically designed for people with hypersensitive skin, so you can rest assured it can do it’s job without making your skin angry. I haven’t been using this for  long, but so far its helped my skin look calmer, softer and flake free. It’s also a nice change to use a fragrance free product, and one with 0% alcohol at that. No getting tipsy on this cream.

If you’re looking  to try a new skin care brand that packs some serious weight behind their beauty claims, Avene is for you. Now all I need is Avene to cure me of my horse allergy – perhaps a dip in the thermal springs with a filly will do it.



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