B-balanced with Beauty Drink

Feeling a little overwhelmed by the amount of beauty products on the market? Well, now there is a new product to add to the range, which promises to get you not only more body beautiful, but mind beautiful too.

Welcome to the world of beauty drinks.

I’m all for a little cheat every now and again, but I think at £3 ish a pop, I doubt I’ll commit to buying long enough, to find out if this beauty drink works! Let’s be honest, we all know healthy eating, exercise, good skin care, (and smiling!) is the recipe to being beautiful!

I am a product floozy though – let’s just say, you had me at “its new.”

Beauty Workshop Selfridges, you already know how much I love you, and here was exactly where I found this little beverage, to make me pretty.

So now for the the science bit; this beauty drink is crammed with vitamin E, B6, calcium and collagen, with a mulberry, passion fruit, lemon and lemon grass taste. It has zero preservatives, no artificial dyes and zero sodium.

If you do buy one of these, a little word or warning, and this sounds ridiculous, but you may just thank me.

Read the instructions.

I stupidly thought you could just take off the lid and drink. No my friends, think again! You have to squish DOWN the lid, to release the powder, shake, then drink immediately. Believe me, there was nothing beautiful about watching me try to get in to this drink.

I personally wasn’t a fan of the taste. It was really too lemony for me, but a fun gimmicky concept all the same. Does it work? Who knows! I do definitely think there are cheaper and healthier ways to get beautiful though. As fun as the premise of a beauty drink is!

Have you tried any beauty drinks, or collagen food products?

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