Backstage Beauty Spy

Backstage Beauty Spy

Welcome to backstage beauty spy peeps. I am your spy, bringing you all the beauty trends, gossip and looks from behind the scenes. Risking life and limb to bring you insider intel. Alright not intel, but beauty info – risking mascara and money in wallet, to bring you the beauty news you need to know.

Today I’m going to share with you a look that comes from behind the scenes of a high profile sports brand. This is the look of the girls that want to not only feel good, but look good whilst exercising four to five times per week, whether that be spinning, running, yoga, dance…. Don’t know about you but I feel sleepy already:)

This look was all about glowing skin, minimal eyes, and pink, red or stained lips. All the dancers and models had a choice of lip color, and the favorite by far was the bright red lip. This girl is sporty, and wears great clothes whilst working it. For the eyes I used a soft shimmering gold from MAC and bold red lips. For the skin I used Liz Earle’s sheer skin tint for a healthy glow, and blotted down excess shine with a lovely Maybelline Powder. For the cheeks I used my favorite blusher/ bronzer which is Cosmetics a’la Carte Caramel Blush Touch. The hair is messy glam, think plaits, high tops buns, and tight pulled back ponies.

I would love to say I’m this girl, but sadly that wouldn’t be true. If I have matching socks on that’s quite the accomplishment. Don’t worry about me though, as I have a theory that minus make-up, I look so completely different no one recognizes me anyway. That’s my story and I’m stickin with it.

Check out the pictures of the re-created look. I even put on my best workout gear to make it look authentic:)

Are you the sporty glam girl?

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