Bath and Body Works

Bath and Body Works

A little wondrous joy of traveling, is finding new shops that we don’t have back home in England. One of my joyful discoveries comes in the form of a glorious shop, I’m sure many of you are all too familiar with; the Bath and Body Works. Oh how you mesmerized me with your 2 candles for $22, and the even better the wallet waltzing: buy 3 products, get 3 free! No need to hard sell this gal, I was stocking up faster than you can say Japanese Cherry, which by the way is a beautifully scented little purchase of mine.

Candle junkies, you will be in your element. These babies are huge, and come in a variety of scents including my current favourite “White Barn.” It gives a lovely fresh smell, similar to that of clean laundry. The great thing about these candles is that you can burn them every evening if you want too, as they’re so inexpensive.

My next love at Bath and Body Works is the antibacterial hand gel. These heavenly smelling, cuties are the perfect size to pop in your handbag, and leave you ready to fight those germs. I love the warm vanilla sugar “PocketBac,” which leaves your hands smelling amazing. Who knew fighting germs could be so smellicious!

As this shop is new to me, I bought quite a lot of mini products to try so that I could discover my favourites. The smaller size products are also perfect for traveling, and most scents have an entire complimentary range, so if you like the Aruba Coconut smell, why not buy the body lotion to match. Like clothes, you can layer your scents.

Last but not least are the hand soaps – genius, and the mint tinted lip balm. So gorgeous that not only will your breath smell minty fresh, your lips will look perfectly pink to boot.

If you will, some pictures to feast your eyes!

Enjoy x

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