BBC Round Up!


It’s that time of the week, when I’m linking up with the other wonderful bloggers in the Beauty Bloggers Coalition! Check out what everyone’s been up to for some awesome beauty reading!

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  • Danielle Pelton

    Thanks for the links! I have been wanting to find a blue shade of polish

  • Terri Shaw

    Thank you for sharing all the above items.

  • Michelle Salais

    Thanks for all the links. I love the neon nail polish post.

  • Shannon

    I have been hearing a lot about the Kushyfoot shoes. They sound great!

  • Christy DuBois

    Thanks for the roundup. Some I’ve read and the others I will check out. I love your look you created for Topshop.

  • tisme143

    what an awesome round up, great links and surely will share with friends so thanks

  • Tory

    Cool this is such a good round up!