Birthday Bounty!


Today is my Birthday! I had prepared a little ‘make-up of the day’ post for you but it turns out I can’t pull off a bold lip and a smokey eye. Darn it make-up rules!  Scrapping the pictures, I thought I would show you a little present I bought myself, and an extra little perk from Sephora and Benefit. As a Beauty Insider I got the Benefit ‘Real Birthday Turn-On’s’ for free! You gotta love free stuff, and it turns out this little mini kit is pretty awesome. It contains a mini ‘They’re Real Mascara” which is apparently the worlds  number one mascara, I like it too,  and also a champagne hue highlighter to glide on your cheekbones and brow bones for a little birthday glow.

The main present I bought myself was the Nars  ‘Foreplay’ *Oh la la* cheek palette which I spotted on my last Sephora trip. I love Nars, and I’m currently obsessed with palettes, and c’mon a gals gotta get some giggles from that name. Oh so cheeky Mr Nars!  The palette contains four shades of  amazing cheek colors,  Peach Matte Blush, Gold Highlighting Blush, Pink Matte Blush and quite a large Orgasm Blush, which is *ahem* a bestseller. I hear that some of the shades are apparently slighlty different in hue and texture than their full size couterparts… we’ll see.



This is the perfect handbag size palette, although I do think three of the four colors are rather small, and you may have to get a lil’ brush and use a light hand to apply them. Still this is what I’ll be rockin on my Birthday today!

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