Bourjois – 1 Second Texture Silicone Gel Polish

bourjoisOne of the first things I did when I got back to London, was hot foot it to Boots. I know…a truly exciting way to spend my days at home!  You see, I was rather thrilled to get Bourjois back in my life. It’s funny how sometimes you miss things, that you probably didn’t even give much attention to before. Well, seeing as you can’t buy Bourjois in the US I had to stock up on some of the items that I’ve seen popping up on UK beauty blogs. One of those was the new Bourjois 1 Second Silicone Texture Gel nail polishes.

I bagged myself a shade called Turquoise Block. Quite a random name, but a gorgeous green, almost candy apple color. These polishes come in 14 different shades and gain their 1 second name from the ability to paint a nail a secondt. Now, as a total nail dunce, I can totally vouch for this claim. The brush is wide and rounded, making nail painting a dream, with hardly any smudges on the surrounding cuticles. The color is also so vibrantly intense that you only need one coat, which will pack a seriously glossy punch. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the polish will also dry in 1 second. Sadly, no, but the brand that brings out a polish like that has a fan in me!bourjois2

Clearly I’m loving these a lot, and the fact that I can’t get these back in the US means its only fair to stock up now!

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