Brand Alert: Branche d’Olive – Here’s what’s to love…

Brand Alert: Branche d’Olive – Here’s what’s to love…

Here’s the truth of it. I love a brand that makes it look like I’ve been on journeys. Travelled far and wide to curate the best in beauty, bringing back the most gorgeous scents, that make you feel worlds away. That’s exactly what the brand Branche d’Olive does; transports you to another time and place. Perhaps you went on a little jaunt to the vast fields of the French countryside. At least that’s what I like to imagine when people catch a glimpse of my Branche d’Olive bounty that I’ve got strategically placed around my house.

The thing is, living with a baby and two pups can make you insecure about the scent of the home – know what I mean? I love those crazy creatures but unlike mummy,  they don’t care if they smell delightful – and they could care even less if the house does. So, it was a real win when a friend commented on how lovely my bathroom smelled. The Branche d’Olive room diffuser packed with the aromas of rosewood, orange blossom and lily of the valley made my favourite place smell divine. There’s also notes of rose, hyacinth, jasmine and violet on a base of sandalwood, musk and amber, which all work together to create the most wonderful fragrance.

Then there’s the beautiful handsoap to seal the deal. Equally as fragrant, this beauty comes in a lovely organza bag complete with real lavender. Oh, you know – it’s just a little thing I picked up on my romantic break in Florence *wink.*  This welcome addition to my bathroom is packed with Lily of the Valley fragrance: dewy greens, musk and ylang-ylang. Plus it’s shaped like a sweet little heart. Adorable.

If you’re looking for elegance – and perhaps a little adventure. You just found it. 

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