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In a nutshell; Bourjois is the brand of my youth. Don’t get me wrong, you were not a novice buying Bourjois….. One had already dabbled in the Body Shop beauty offerings, and then of course there was the flirting with Lush, but once you were rather sophisticated and feeling a little, oh la la, you went all out and got yourself a Bourjois blush. Just one. They were pricey. Well, now days, being unable to readily buy Bourjois in America, a few staple items were an obligatory purchase whilst back in the UK, and with so many fantastic items to tinker with, all I can say is; the youth version of myself was a genius, because this brand is where it’s at!

Annoyingly, just as I left England, Bourjois released quite a few new products that I didn’t get to pick up, such as the ‘Happy’ range which you can check out here.I did however manage to get my hands on some much ‘hyped’ products such as the 1 Second Nail polish, which of course is fabulous, although the color range is a little lacking, and the bronzing powder. I can officially say the bronzing powder is lovely, and a wonderful color to add in to your winter make-up routine for a little ‘natural’ glow.  It does make me want to eat chocolate though. Damn you packaging!brandfocus2

I also bought the ‘Post to Post Links II error: No post found with slug "budget-buy-bourjois-healthy-mix-concealer", and the ‘healthy mix’ foundation. So far, I have managed to get far more use from the concealer than the foundation, but I think that’s because for me, the foundation is quite a light coverage, almost one step up from a BB or tinted moisturizer, and also it is too light for my skin tone. I’m apparently still quite tanned! I think this would be lovely for ‘good skin days’ *which my skin loves to hold out on* but for those who are blessed with a peachy complexion, this foundation is for you. It still pains me that I didn’t invest in the Color Boost Lip crayons. Dagger. Still, I’m pleased with the items I purchased!

Bourjois is available in quite a lot of Countries, but weirdly not in the US drugstores. Fret not though, I have tracked it down and it’s available on ASOS right about here!

That’s if you’re feeling rather Sophisticated! *Wink!*

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