Brand Focus: Make Up For Ever

makeup forever

As one of the hardest working make-up lines out there, Make Up For Ever knows where ‘it’ is ‘at’. Churning out a variety of high performing products that deliver results, this brand isn’t just for savvy make-up artists. This is for every gal who likes her some make-up that works, that’s practical and fun all at the same time. In America this brand was so easy to get your hands on. It graced pretty much every Sephora store out there, but now in the UK it’s something more of a niche brand. Sigh. Still, there’s always good ol’ Amazon for you to bag some beauty bounty, or check out the London stockists here. Here are my recent Make Up For Ever buys!

1. HD Pressed Powder has been my jam for some time now. It’s beautifully light, finely milled, sets powder perfectly and helps it last all day. There’ isn’t a trace of colour with this beauty so don’t worry, you won’t look like you’ve had your face in the flour. It also leaves your skin fairly matte but with a bit of a glow. Thumbs up for this guy.



2. HD High Definition Elixir is for us ladies with dry skin. This bottle of goodness was developed for HD TV to make foundation look totally and utterly flawless. It delivers a hefty does of hydration to dry skin and adds some radiance. Sounds like a dream doesn’t it? It makes a lovely smooth base for the rest of your make-up to go on. Love it.

3. HD Primer As a primer addict, this had to be mine. Still I don’t like a product luring me in only to find it wasn’t worth the hefty price tag so I went for the mini version of this. I don’t think it’s amazingly wow, but it’s a good primer and again was developed to keep your skin looking flawless for those upclose (no filter ) shots! I think there are other primers out there that are better for the wallet though, and work just as well.


4. Liquid Eyeliner Needs to be in every girls beauty bag. With the multitude of looks you can create with liner, it’s a must have product. This is definitely for those who are more confident applying their make-up as the tip of the brush is fairly flimsy and not the easiest to control. I much prefer to use this one for ease of use and flawless precision. Still, the Make Up For Ever liner delivers a beautiful dose of solid, punchy colour for those bold looks.

Have you got any ‘must have’ products from Make Up For Ever?

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