Breath Deep, Stress Less


I would actually describe myself as a very calm person. I’m not normally one to be stressed. I basically go from happy go lucky, to total mental break down. Not really *cough, cough!* Still, there’s just something about stress reducing products that I can’t get enough of. I think I’m addicted to essential oils, that make you breath them in, sigh out, and just stress less.  It’s like catnip, but for me.

The latest product I picked up, which has totally earned a place on both my desk, and on excursions in my hand bag, is Aveda’s Stress Fix Concentrate, Stress Relieving Aroma.  This stuff is epic.  I roll it on breath it in, then repeat. I wish I could bathe in the stuff.  DSC03766

The combination of aromas of French lavender, lavadin and clary stage from Organic farms, have been proven to help reduce stress. This has all been done scientifically using aromaology and the power of pure essential oils. I roll this on to the inside of my wrists, and inhale. Ah. You can also roll this on to the occipital area at the top of your neck using circular motions, and on to your shoulders.

A handy trick to relive some tension is to apply this on to your upper shoulders with a press release motion, and then lift your shoulders up to your ears and release. Repeat as needed. It’s also been given the Eco Cert which means this is an organic product. Basically, it’s down right brilliant. I forgot to mention it has the chihuahua seal of approval. Mine love to breath this in, then commence to lick it off. Hmmmmm…. Maybe it’s actually catnip for dogs.

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