Brides Guide # All night long


In this weeks addition of Brides Guide, I’m going to talk to you about lasting “all night long,” your make-up that is. Minds in gutter people;) Seems I’ve got a thing for Lionel Richie music at the moment.

Whether you’re one of my DIY girls, or you’re having a make-up artist style you pretty, we all need a little helping hand in the product department to really make that make-up last. I want my brides to look amazing all night, not just for the first hour. If you’re having a make-up artist, be sure to have a trial first, and ask what products she/he will be using, to give your make-up the staying power it needs. If your make-up artist isn’t really using anything long lasting, ask her if she would use the following products on you, and remember to:

  1. Prep
  2. Prime
  3. Powder
  4. Blot

Now, this is an official bridal duty: grab a notepad, then hit the shops immediately!

Primer: You need this to get the skin ready for make-up, making it smooth and minimizing pores. This will make foundation glide on, last longer, and give your skin a flawless look. I love using the Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch.

Prep: Don’t forget about those lids, they need some preppin’ too, to make the eyeshadow stick, and create a seamless base. For me, there’s nothing better than MAC Paint Pot in Painterly.

Powder: Even if you’re not someone who normally gets shiny, you need powder to give extra staying powder to your foundation. Plus, you will get hot, there will be dancing, and ultimately you WILL get shiny. No one likes to see there own face in your face.  For a nice budget buy I like Maybelline Dream Matte powder.  If you want a high end WOW powder, try Chanel Les Beiges.

Blot: This is one for your make-up touch up bag: the MAC Blot Film papers. You need these on hand, and don’t be surprised it the rest of your wedding party start pinching them. They are great at blotting any oil that will cause you to look shiny in pictures.

Anti-Shine: Hmmmm, there’s a theme going on here huh?! It’s like a one woman crusade to end all shine. You’re welcome. The ultimate anti-shine is from MAC and it’s Matte Creme Matifiante. This is an excellent one for the boys if they get shiny, as it’s totally colorless. It’s a gel formula, and for the boys that don’t like the idea of make-up it’s really not. Tell them to think of it as a kind of face cream. If you’re getting married in a hot country this one is a must have.

What about the lips you say? I haven’t forgotten!

Lipcote: is your best friend, keeping your lipstick lasting for hours. My mum doesn’t leave the house without this stuff on, just remember, as mum says “don’t bite in to a crusty baguette” as it’s not magic, but under normal conditions it will keep your  lipstick on for a very, very long time.  I trust no one is having a French themed wedding?!

Last but not least you need a make-up setting spray. I currently have three making there way to me through the magical world of Amazon, but you’ll have to wait till next week for that!

Now off to the shops with you!

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