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In the last installment of Brides Guide, I talked about how to keep your make-up lasting all night long. If you missed those gems of wisdom, worry not, as you can find them here! I’ve talked about a lot of things in my little weekly edition, and also bought a lot of products *opps!* all for my brides to be, in the name of research and make-up, you’re welcome… just send me an invite!;)


So, I have gone ahead and bought not one, but three setting sprays to test spritz for all my lovely ladies.  Even if you’re not a bride these products are wonderful for any one who is going to an event, or lives in a furnace like temperature like me, and need to keep their make-up on all day.


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The NYX setting sprays come in both MATTE FINISH and also DEWY FINISH, and the Model in a Bottle was a recommendation by one of my favorite make-up bloggers Kandee Johnson, you can read her post where she recommends it here. Kandee also talks about some other make-up artist quality products, that are highly pigmented, which will also help to keep make-up on face for as many hours as possible.


Here’s what I thought….(FYI these were all tested out in the mid-day sun of Florida.. basically it was haaatt! so perfect testing conditions)


  • NYX MATTE FINISH –  $7.99 This product is water based and lightweight, helping to keep your skin looking amazing, whilst making your make-up last as long as possible. The actual spray pump action is very much like a light mist when you spritz this over your face. Wait until your mascara has dried then spritz this all over your face, dabbing away any excess with a tissue. This product also claims to “sheild your flawless look from temperature variations, sweat and air pollution.” I found this worked really well, and did keep my skin matte for a long time, even in the heat of the sun. It kept my eye make-up on extremely well, but my blush didn’t last too long. All in all I would say it keeps you looking picture perfect for around 4 hours.  Score: 3/5


  • MODEL IN A BOTTLE $14.45 This product claims to: “be resistant to smudging, tears, humidity and water.” It’s a much heavier spray action than the NYX, and almost seems to fire in little bursts of product at your face, rather than being a light mist. I think this might be more pleasant to use if you were to decanter it  in to a different bottle that would enable a misting action. It’s also alcohol based so it’s heavily scented, and almost smells like you’re spraying hairspray on your face. When I trialled this, it did actually sting my skin initially ( I have sensitive skin) but after it settled in my skin was fine, and I didn’t have any type of allergic reaction. It did make my make-up last for quite a while, but because of the smell and stinging it’s not my favorite. Kandee Johnson said that she used this on a bride who woke up the day after the wedding with her make-up looking perfect, as if it was freshly done! Any brides who want to try this, I thoroughly recommend you try it a couple of times, well before your big day, to make sure you don’t have any reactions.  Score: 2/5


  • NYX DEWY FINISH – $7.99 This product makes the same claims as it’s MATTE sister. Now I’m not an ingredient expert, but this certainly appears to contain less ingredients than the Matte version. I used this on top of my Giorgio Armani foundation which is super matte, and it definitely helped to give my skin a dewy glow. My make-up lasted really well, and this is absolutely  my favorite of the three products. For photographic purposes this may make your skin look a little shiny in pictures as ‘dewy’ textures can tend to do this, so I would try this out, then take pictures, to see how your make-up looks on screen. Score: 4/5




I bought all three of these setting sprays from Amazon. Next up to my trial is going to be Urban decay’s make-up setting spray. If it’s anything like there eye primer, I think it may nudge ol’ NYX dewy off it’s top ranking spritzer seat.  Until next time brideys! signature copy


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