Brilliant! Damage Control


Well here’s a product that’s rather appropriately named, if I may so myself. It’s quite the statement, but I would have to agree the Aveda Brilliant Damage Control is just that- Brilliant. My hair really is a tale of woes, broken, dry, colored and stressed out. Luckily on my last trip to the Aveda salon, I was recommended this beauty, and it has really done wonders for my hair.

This makes combing my usual birds nest hair a breeze, as it quickly detangles, and adds moisture and shine. It smell incredible, think just walked into a spa for a massage with calming oils, and you’re there. I spray this on to my damp hair before I use any heat or styling products on it. What I’m really loving though, is the added UV protection that helps to protect your color, and the overall health of your hair, by reducing further sun damage. If you’re in the sun a lot, like me, this is great news, as your locks will be seeing far to much of those UV rays as it is,  even before adding straighteners etc, into the damage cocktail. Thankfully this doesn’t make your hair greasy, crunchy or sticky, like some UV protecting products can do.

You can also spritz this on to dry hair to revitalize a style, giving you a quick hair perfume fix. If that’s not “Brilliant” I don’t know what is. Love this.

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