Caudalie Beauty Elixir

I’m no stranger to the fact that Caudalie Beauty Elixir is in pretty much every beauty bloggers bathroom. So I decided to see what all the hype was about, by test spritzing a mini version from Sephora for $18.

This is a hard working facial mist, taking on the jobs of both serum and toner, with a blend of both essential oils and active plant ingredients. It’s designed to not only tighten your pores, but also give your skin an instant boost of radiance, by improving the circulation of your skin.

I spritz the beauty elixir on to clean skin before I apply my moisturiser, and I love the refreshing feel that it gives you. It really wakes up your skin, making it feel fresh and clean, and ready for make-up. You can also use this after you apply your foundation, and before your powder to set your make-up. I haven’t tried this yet but I’m certainly going to give it a go.

So… confession time – I really don’t like the smell of this. I’m sorry, I’ve shocked you I know, especially as I think I’m the only one who has anything even remotely negative to say about this product. I’ve decided that it’s the bitter orange scent that is not to my liking.

I would totally recommend trying the small size of this as it’s so refreshing and would be wonderful in a hot climate, or in an airplane where your skin can quickly become dehydrated. You never know you may love the smell, many people do! I have noticed my skin is a lot less dry and flaky since using this. As wonderfully refreshing as this product is, I don’t think I will be a repeat buyer, as the smell is just too much for me.


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  • So I actually really like this, but I can totally see that the smell isn’t for everyone! You should try the huile divine, much different smell. I use it at night instead of cream!

    • Ooh amazing, I can’t wait to give that a try! Thanks for the tip!

  • I tend to stay away from hyped products. I have fell into that trap before and ended up very disappointed.

    • You are so right to do that! Discover the un-hyped gems:)

  • Must Have Boxes

    This elixir sounds amazing. I’d love to try it.

    – KW