Cherry Batiste Dry Shampoo

As I walked through Westfield shopping mall, a happy occurrence in the form free dry shampoo really made my night. It’s the little things in life! Anyway I am an avid fan of dry Shampoo, it is literally the lazy girls best friend, and when it comes to my hair, by it’s own difficult nature it forces me to be lazy.

I’m no stranger to Batiste, I do have a fair few bottles loitering about my bathroom, but this however is the launch of the brand new cherry scented dry shampoo. The combination of cherry and dry shampoo, well  its win win if you ask me, and the packaging is also super cute!

When trying the new dry shampoo however I found it really didn’t smell much like cherry. It smells lovely all the same and I do acknowledge that getting the ‘perfect’ cherry smell is very difficult and few brands can get it right. So far the best smelling cherry product has to be the bath oil from Shu Uemura – love!

Batiste, once sprayed on your roots does leave a white residue that you have to massage in to the scalp, and then style, but this can often cause hair to look a little greyish. That’s why I’m a fan of the blonde dry shampoo, there’s no white residue and it’s great for masking roots  in between highlight appointments.

So my question to Batiste is.. why can’t they do blonde dry shampoo that smells great? Or for that matter the brunette or sparkly versions?! I like sparkly.

We want multi- tasking Batiste! Come on!

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  • Ooooh i love Cherry! Much better than the tropical scent one I tend to use from their range. Looking forward to it hitting the shops 🙂