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flyawayThe problem with beginning your holiday packing a whole two weeks early, is that you have a whole two weeks to pack, re-pack, forget what you’ve packed, and then pack some more. Ultimately resulting in an over stuffed suit case and a hefty bill to pay once you get to the airport. Not the happiest of news to receive at 6am. Still, I feel that with every trip I get better at packing. Whilst I may have over packed, I didn’t forget anything, and that’s the most important thing! Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself.

So this isn’t exactly a guide as such, but some practical pointers I’ve learnt along the way! The one thing I do know is that I’ve perfected the on flight bag. Yep, just call me a genius – crammed full of beauty goodies this time I think I got it down!

1. Make lists: If you’re going to forget something it’s because it wasn’t on a list! Now if like me you’d probably forget to put things on a list, you’ll need a helping hand. Download a packing app. I used the Packing Pro which has been very useful as not only does it have lists of items to pack, but also things to remember to do before you go! Like notify your bank, or switch off all the plugs. Useful during hurricane season in Florida!

2. Think Climate: Think about the location that you’re going to and what the weather’s going to be like – every destination has different weather issues you have to factor in. Like England ( where I am right now) one day it’s roasting hot the other I’m freezing my socks off! So, layering is your friend! If you’re going to multiple locations like me, it makes things harder, so just try and wear your heaviest clothes, be brutal with the clothes that you take. Pack things like umbrellas in your carry on, and remember you can normally buy things when you get there. Although if you’re going somewhere exotic or a distant land don’t rely on that and always pack things you really need!

3. Pack Early:Whilst it can cause you to over pack – if you’re sensible (unlike moi) this is a great way to refine what you want to take and remember things you may have forgotten over the week. Or however early you choose to start!

4. Pack Core Pieces: If you pack the basics you’ll always have ways to layer and create new outfit’s, giving you multiple choice over your holiday! While you don’t need 3 pairs of jeans for a two week break you could take one pair and change it up with different tops and accessories.

5. Weigh your bag: Just as it sounds.Pop it on a scale – or buy a special one for travel. I didn’t do this. I was left with a hole in my wallet. It was sad.

6. Decant your products! This has got to be my new favourite discovery of planning for a trip. I bought the 15 piece travel set from CVS  which I choose as it’s airline approved ( see picture) and realized how wonderful it is to squeeze all your favourite products into tiny pots. There’s something amazingly therapeutic about it. While there’s also the thrill you get when you realize you don’t need to choose between your favourite face masks, because you can take them all! I seriously can’t believe I never did this before. I used to convince myself that yes I did need ALL my full size products. Where as now I have a little bit of everything, so I’ve been able to take more, but pack less! Incredible!

7. The On-Flight Beauty Bag: is your saviour. Long haul flights can be tough, and can leave you and your skin feeling more than a touch groggy –  so you need all the help you can get! The recycled air on planes is very drying for your skin, so you need to pack on as much moisture as possible. Many airlines don’t really give you necessities any more, so If you’d like to arrive feeling slightly normal, you need a bit of beauty bumpf! Decant your products and create yourself a little kit. You’ll thank me for it!

Here’s what I packed in my in flight beauty bag:

*glasses * contact lenses * eye drops * tooth brush * mini tooth paste (airline ones are normally horrible) *Breath freshener *face cleanser *socks *mini deodorant * Origins Drink Up face mask *Rose water in a tiny spritz  bottle * lip balm * cuticle balm * mini hand cream * headache tablets * * mini mascara * lip gloss * foundation in a small pot *mini perfume * hand sanitizer * make-up remover wipes

Whilst this may sound like a lot everything was in mini – and even though you may not even need it all it’s nice to know it’s there ( spoken like a true beauty hoarder!) Plus that’s a good 30 mins  of your trip gone, while you give yourself a mini facial, and then freshen up for when you land!

Happy Travels!!


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