Curly locks anyone!?

I recently bought  a Remington hair curling wand, and I don’t think it’s  too soon to say – it’s love!

If you have frizzy hair like me and really don’t want to do the old straightener, blow dry thing – you should definitely consider curling your hair. There really is a world of possibilities!

A brief guide about what  I did, then many pictures for your perusal!

STEP ONE: Rough dry wet hair until it is dry, but don’t worry about straightening – just use a tangle teezer – they are amazing, literally my life saver!

STEP TWO: take small sections of the hair and twist around the wand – hold in place for a few minutes and you’re done! It helps if you section off the main bulk of the hair, and have a mirror behind you so you can see what you’re doing – I didn’t and it still turned out OK!

STEP THREE: Brush out your hair and use a smoothing serum –  and hair spray. I used Umberto Giannini – ‘Curl Friends, silky curls smoothing balm.’

TOP TIP!!: Don’t be afraid to brush your hair – the curl will remain. You can always twist any pieces of hair with your fingers to intensify the curl.

This look probably took me half an hour to do.

Remington Curling wand.

The result BEFORE I brushed out the curls!

The picture above is the curls after they have been brushed out. I used a tangle teezer to brush out the curls and then smoothed with the Umberto Giannini smoothing balm. Don’t be afraid to brush out the curls – you won’t ruin your efforts I promise!

One more picture of the smoothed out curls!

And finally… for a HOLLYWOOD STARLET LOOK.. sweep the hair over to one side, with the other side of the hair neatly tucked behind your ear. Smooth again with serum – and don’t forget your red lipstick!!

The smoothing balm I used.

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