Deep Sleep, yes please

Had four dogs jumping on and off your bed, keeping you awake all night? No? OK, just me then! Still, I’m sure you’ve all experienced times when you need a little helping hand in the sleep department. After all there is nothing worse than night time clock watching, when you should be getting your beauty sleep. Beauty Sleep…. now there’s two words I really used to hate, as the ever enthusiastic night owl of a child I was. But like mother always used to say, there is nothing like sleep in the beauty stakes department.

My latest trick to give me a helping hand to 8 hours of gorgeousness is the Deep Sleep range from This Works. First to the test was the deep sleep pillow spray, which you may have seen a little photo of in my week in pictures. This little beauty smells of the most beautiful Lavender, Vertivert, and wild Camomile essential oils that once sprayed on your pillow, will help you to drift off as you inhale those lovely aromas. I adore this smell, it makes me feel instantly relaxed and having used this for the past 3 weeks I can definitely say it works. After all, Lavender oil is wonderful at combating insomnia, and the most effective essential oil to help diminish hypertension and nervous tension.

Next up was the deep sleep stress less, which is designed for you to roll on to to your wrists, or apply to a tissue and inhale any time day or night. I haven’t used this as much as the pillow spray, as I initially feared it would make me lethargic all day. Having read up on this a little more, I realized that the eucalyptus in this product would actually invigorate, and help combat mental and physical fatigue. This would be a great product to pop in to your hand bag to keep you calm and level headed.  I also love that the Frankincense oil in this acts like an antiseptic to fight off infections, whilst helping to rejuvenate your skin, and make you feel nice and relaxed. Sounds like the perfect winter product if you ask me. I’m definitely going to add this little number too my flight essentials kit. Post coming soon!



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