Disappearing Act in Cornwall

Disappearing Act in Cornwall


So it would appear that I just took off. Hopped on a train, seaside bound. Didn’t look back. Well, yes….that pretty much sums it up. My Easter Holiday was a food filled, seaside dream…but the black hole of no internet and no phone signal from the moment I got on the train was pretty darn alarming. Panic set in. There were almost tears and then… I got over it. I embraced the sea views. Took deep (technology free) breaths. Ate some seafood, drank some cider and disappeared in Cornwall. 

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I’ve been going to Cornwall since I was a child, but I haven’t been back for some years. It’s funny how you can return to a place after a long time and feel like nothing has changed – even though a lot had. It’s a truly stunning place, where I feel I can truly relax. We took the dogs on the train and for the most part they loved it. The salty sea air, stray chips to gobble up on the ground, soft sand for tiny paws. My favourite things to do in Cornwall are going for walks, riding a bike to Padstow, visiting Fowey and eating a lot of mussles. So I extended my trip, took some (unannounced)  time off from the blog and dare I say… got the holiday blues when I got back. Oh the seaside – what a glorious temptress you are!


I hope you had a wonderful week!

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