Disney Linen Spray

If like me you haven’t stepped foot into a Disney store since the Ariel movie came out, or had little ones drag you in, now is the time to think again!

The Disney store became a whole new world of purchasing possibilities when I read about the gorgeous Disney Linen spray that goes by the name of Wonder. I hot footed it down to the Westfield Disney store faster than you can say Bambi, and loaded up on the Linen spray, and an adorable scented candle. Sadly this was a present for someone else (sorry that sounds bad)…*cough* I mean gladly I gave this adorable purchase away to my dear friend for Christmas, hence it isn’t photographed. I can vouch that it was super cute though!

The packaging alone is literally worth the £8 that you will pay for a little slice of Disney cuteness. But wait, I haven’t even told you about the smell yet! It is.. and I quote ” a delicate scent of lemon, sugar, apple blossoms, and marshmallow clouds.” Could that sounds any more heavenly??!!

Wonder Linen Spray smells divine. Not too heavy, and not too sickly sweet, just like a good Disney movie!

Who can resist Bambi and Thumper on the box anyway? Not me clearly!



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  • Marcia

    good afternoon

    Are resident in the Island of Madeira. How can I buy this perfume

    Thank you

    • annarach

      I’m sure you could buy this on Amazon. Thanks!