Dr.Jart+ Beauty Balm

Proudly hailed as the World’s “Best BB” creams, the new Dr.Jart+ premium beauty balm, definitely got me a tad excited.

When my free sample made its way to me, I was only too pleased to give this BB a through testing. As we all know, I love the Loreal BB cream, so the stakes were high, and the Dr needed to be pretty special to beat it.

The Dr.Jart+ beauty balm does have some pretty impressive credentials though – it’s one of the original BB creams launched in Korea, and sells over 1 billion creams in Asia every year. The premium balm that I tried is designed to address the first signs of aging, with SPF 40 protection, and promises to reduce spots, imperfections and deliver radiant skin.

The texture is much thicker than the Loreal BB cream, and has more of a foundation colour to it. When applied to the skin though, it has a grey tinge in colour which is a little disconcerting – this did eventually soak in though, and match up with my own skin colour. It’s not grainy like the Loreal BB cream, and has an impeccably smooth texture.

Overall though, it left my skin looking super shiny, which I don’t like on myself, especially in winter. I like ‘glowing’ skin, but I found this too much. Also this didn’t have enough coverage for me, and I definitely wouldn’t leave my foundation or the Loreal BB cream for this one. You are safe this time old favourites.

I think for summer this would be a nice sheer coverage, with a little pressed powder on top your skin would look lovely, and for me the SPF 40 is a massive bonus. Seeing as we have almost zero sunlight in London in the winter months – I won’t be rushing out to buy this right now.

If you do feel like giving this a try, free samples were being offered via the Dr.Jart+ facebook page. It’s £24 available at Boots nationwide.


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