Drab to Fab in a Cab!


When I was back in London, I found myself being out for the entire day. Which can present a variety of problems. First off, there’s the fact that you may be going from shopping to somewhere more formal – and you probably only have very little time to get ready. Like – zero time to get ready. That’s why those moments getting from A to B, are the vital times moments in which to get glam! Now I know there are some of you who can create a full make over on public transport, and I commend you, I really do, – but for those who don’t like the world to see their ‘transformation’ – the back of a cab is a very convenient place to get glam. Firstly you’ve got London traffic to thank for motionless periods of time when you can apply mascara and other fiddly make up items. Then there’s the fact that a lot of cabs have little cute mirrors in the back so you can get pretty in a flash, without too much hassle! So, here’s my drab to fab guide!


1. Preparation: If you’re going to be out all day and evening without going home, you need to pack a little kit. Prepare this in advance, and take a larger bag to tote all your necessities in.


2. You don’t need everything! Now I have to admit I find that selecting from my make-up is hard, because how can you possibly know what you might need later?! But you must be harsh. You don’t need to lug your entire make-up bag around. Decant your foundation into a smaller pot so it’s light to carry and easy to apply!

3. Think instant glam!  Everyone has that one lipstick, gloss or blusher that makes them look and feel great when they apply it. A quick slick of lip gloss is simple, and easy, and will instantly make you look more made up. So bring some colour to your face, forget the fiddly glitters or liners – just go for simple easy make-up that you can wipe on in minutes (if not seconds!)

4. Accessorise: Now, it depends where you’re going but personally I always like to carry a pair of heels. I always feel more dressed up with heels on, and feel like I stand taller and more confidentally too.  Heels are wonderful at dressing up any outfit and taking it from day time to night time with a simple switch of foot wear. This is also true of jewellery, so if you don’t fancy lugging heels around – pop a pair of fab sparkly earrings in your bag, or a statment necklace to easily dress up any outfit!

So that’s it. My drab to fab in the back of a cab guide! So, next time you’re out and about, you can rest assured you’ll look great no matter where you’re going! A little preparation and a little luggage will go a long way. Trust me.


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  • Ashley Bree Perez

    I love your purse! (:

  • Michelle

    I usually forget about the accessories.

  • Alina

    Love your suggestions on accessories!

  • Stephanie Phelps

    Great tips! I still don’t know if I would ever be able to pull it off! 🙂 I am never as prepared as I think I am starting out!

  • mo11yb1ue

    Thanks for the great tips! I carry such a big purse that a statement necklace and/or some heels wouldn’t really be that much of a stretch.

  • Linda Manns

    Cute article. It sounds like you have this down to a science. I do not know how good I would do this in a cab. Thank you for sharing