Dramatic party make-up

So it was Halloween last night, and seeing as I hate scary films, am way too old to trick or treat (as much as I love sweets!) and had no pumpkin to carve – I decided to play make-up!

This started as a bit of a ‘cat eye’ look, but I think you could add a nude, or bright lip for a dramtic party look.
The products I used for this look were:

Mac – Fluid line in BlackTrack

Mac eyeshadow in carbon

17 Blow Out – Jumbo Eyeliner ( I know I said I didn’t like this before, but it worked quite well for this look!)

Mac – loose glitter powder browny/gold (sorry the name has disappeared!)

Loreal – SuperLiner – perfect slim in Intense Black

The products….

So.. Please try to bare in mind this look started off being ‘Halloween inpsired’ hence I look really pale and washed out at first – then I decided to add a little lipstick.

Step one: use the Loreal pen ( or any other good liner pen) to create the shape flicking out at the outer eye corners and coming down towards the nose at the inner eye

Step two: Draw the liner all over the eye, you will now need to paint the Mac fluid line on top, and the 17 blowout pencil. ( Basically you want to create a smooth intense black lid) try to make it as perfect as possible using cotton buds to make the shape sharper.

Step Three: Use the Mac carbon eyeshadow and pat it all over the lid. This is a really important step! If you don’t do this you will have black paint all over your face!

Add glitter and lashes if you want too!

 Top Tip!! : If you want to make this look much quicker and effortlessly perfect, use tape to create the shape, paint, place eyeshadow, remove the tape and you are feline ready!

x x x

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