Easy Peasy Summer Face

Easy Peasy Summer Face


In summer I tend to live by the philosophy –  less is more. Having to deal with the Florida humidity and the sweaty face that ensues, there’s really not much point to slap on more slap. Despite now living in the much cooler clime of London, I still stick by that principle because after all… aint’ no one got time for endless products. Unless you’re Kim K – then sure you do. So, the key here is picking products that deliver. Enhancing the features that matter and achieving great looking skin. That’s it! Here are the five products that I swear by and will be reaching for this summer. Let’s call it the five product easy peasy summer face. Boom. 


1. A Killer BB Cream –  

My all time favourite all in one BB Cream that I have ever laid hands on is the incredible Body Shop colour adapting tinted cream. This is so good it really deserves a post all to itself praising it’s wonderous ability. If you’ve tried BB’s before and haven’t been impressed I urge you to give this a go. It’s everything a BB should be. Light yet luminous, adaptive yet true to your own skin tone and with just enough coverage that it gives you the ‘your skin but better’ finish. It’s just divine and perfect for summer as it will adapt with your tan. If I could only pick one product to use in the morning, this would be it.


2. The Perfect Pinky Lip – 

Nothing says summer like a pretty pink lip. It screams ‘fresh faced’, ‘I haven’t tried too much’ and is exactly what you need to whip out and put in your handbag if you’re in a hurry. My ultimate pinky lip product that’s just perfect for summer has got to be the original Dior Lip Glow It’s moisturising while boosting your own natural lip colour, or enhancing your lipstick. This is perfect for lazy days or busy mornings. A no brainer product that delivers. 

3. A Great Brow Product – 

Going from being a brow neewbie, I’m now a total convert to the ‘do your eye brows’ game. Groomed brows are indeed the epitome of youth so don’t skip out on your eye framers. This step is so important and can completely change and re-invent your face. I still adore anything that Anastasia offers up and I currently use their brow powder to fill in any gaps and give my eyebrows more definition.


4. The Eye Crayon – 

For anyone who wants to get their make-up done in a flash, there is no better product out there than an eye crayon. I currently love all the offerings from Nars New Soft Touch Shadow Pencil and I’ve been currently using this bronzy shade for an easy beach, sun kissed finish. Simply whack this on your lids, smudge in with your fingers or a brush (if you can be bothered) and you’re good to go!

5. The Perfect Pink Highlighter – 

If you can’t get your glow on in summer I don’t know when you can! Add a little something interesting to your look with a pink blusher that doubles up as the most beautiful highlighter. Not too shiny that you’ll experience disco ball face during the day, but just enough to give you a gorgeous pink summery glow. My favourite is the Soap and Glory Glow All Out offering that’s just beautiful. Hard to capture on camera but in real life – divine.


And there we have it. The easy peasy summer look that should take you 5 minutes. Now off to soak up those rays!



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