Eat Film & London Restaurant Festival

Eat Film & London Restaurant Festival


My favourite thing to do when October rolls around is to grab some tickets for Eat Film. The combination of food and film, hosted in one of London’s most prestigious venue’s (BAFTA by the way) is  a winner for this foodie, film, fan girl. Eat Film is just one of the incredible events that are arranged over the month of October, to celebrate the London Restaurant Festival. An absolutely amazing concept, that embraces the joys of eating out in London, where you can experience both the Michelin-starred offerings, as well as the local favourites – all with special restaurant festival menus.

IMG_0166Running for the past three years ( I went to the first and this year’s) and I can testify that it’s a fantastic evening, where a note worthy individual picks out their favourite film, which is shown in the BAFTA screening room in Piccadilly, followed by a three course dinner, created to compliment the film.


We started the evening with drinks and canapés. The home-made Iron Bru was particularly fabulous. We then moved upstairs to watch the film Local Hero, which was chosen my the film critic Mark Kermode.


Unbelievably, the renowned film critic Mark Kermode eats exactly as I do – no meat, but some fish, so for once I could literally eat everything on the menu!


The menu was a seafood feast accompanied with wine, to compliment the Scottish seaside setting of Local Hero. The starter was so beautifully arranged and to me, it really looked like it was supposed to resemble items that were washed up on the beach. Of course it tasted a whole lot better than that!

IMG_0169The fantastic seafood main course was perfectly cooked. While we ate, Mark Kermode explained why he loved the film Local Hero so much, and answered our questions about the film. There were quite a few.


The dessert was a decadent delight, after which whisky, coffee and chocolates were served. IMG_0175Eat Film only happens once during London Restaurant but it’s such a fun night out, I thoroughly recommend it for next year.

No worries though, there are plenty of other foodie delights happening around the city. I for one have always wanted to go on the Gourmet Odessey tour, which looks incredible.

Foodies – forget the wellies. This is the only festival you need to care about!


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