Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair II

DSC03298Estee Lauder certainly earned it’s beauty stripes with the; ‘One sold every 8 seconds’  Estee Lauder Advanced Night repair. With  a serious beauty following, you can see why some people were a tad ruffled when they decided to take this best seller and re-work it’s formula, to release the synchronized recovery complex II.  Fear not though, the new formula has all the same beautifying benefits as it’s predecessor, but this one now holds the title of ‘Even Better’ with a new purifying technology that number one didn’t have.


So what does it do?

Well the idea is that this serum mimics the effects of a great nights sleep, promoting a natural purification process which is vital to youthful looking skin. During the day our skin is exposed to multiple harmful nasties like UV rays, pollution and smoke which can all accelerate the signs of ageing. Even the lack of sleep can cause fine lines, dryness and uneven skin tone. The ANR II comes to the rescue to rectify all these skin issues with it’s ChronoluxCB™ Technology that combines cellular synchronization and purification, to help skin naturally improve and repair itself from external damaging factors.

The In store trial…

When I bought this the Estee Lauder team member showed me how ANR II is also designed to retain moisture which will in turn give you a more youthful and fresh appearance. She took both my hands and applied the serum on one hand and nothing on the other. She then sprayed water on to both hands and the results were pretty amazing. The hand with the ANR  II serum on retained all the water that was spritzed on, where as on the ‘naked’ hand, all the water ran off.  So the key is to follow ANR II with a fantastic moisturizer for ultimate moisture retention.

So what did I think?

Well, when I first used this I did see a noticeable smoothness to my skin, and it did appear calmer and less blotchy. I originally only used this at night, due to it’s hefty price tag but I’ve now started to use it in the morning too, to see if it makes even more of a difference to my skin. The change in my skin is very subtle – not a total ‘wow, I can’t live without this effect.’ I don’t know though, I’m almost scared to stop using it now in case the change was so slow and subtle, that I’ll stop using it and age 10 yrs overnight! Who knows! I will definitely finish using this – it cost a small fortune after all! I’m undecided as to whether I’ll buy it again though. I will do a video when I’ve used it all up and let you know my final thoughts! Watch this space…..

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