My Make-up #1

My Make-up #1

I”ve never done a ‘face of the day’ post before, primarily because I only had an Iphone to use as a camera, and as wonderful as instagram is, it doesn’t exactly tell the truth. Raise your hand if you’ve taken a bad photo then instagrammed the hell out of it, until it looks hot. Guilty! Now I have a brand spanking new camera *whoppee* so you can see my make-up and me clearly. I hope.

My make-up today is fresh, quick and basic. I pretty much do a variation of this most days as it’s great for a sunny clime where too much make-up during the day is pure overkill. Guilty again!




I start off using my favourite foundation which has been custom blended to my exact skin tone by Cosmetics a’la Carte. Sadly you can’t buy this brand in America, so I’ll have to search out a new foundation alternative. Next I use a bright pop of colour to keep things looking fresh. I love the Bobbi Brown blush in Apricot 6.

I then prime my eyes for eyeshadow using an amazing concealer, also by Cosmetics a’la Carte and top with a little translucent powder to seal the concealer, in preparation for eyeshadow.

I sweep Violetta Nars eyeshadow over the entire moveable lid, and Demon Lover also from my Nars Pleasures of Paris Palette under my lower lash line. For a little glow nothing beats the Nars Goddess soft touch shadow pencil blended under the brow, and on the inner corners of the eyes.

For the brows I use my mum’s secret weapon, the Shu Uemura hard forumla pencil in 9 to fill in any gaps. This pencil can be expertly shaped by the team at Shu Uemera to create an incredibly angled pencil.
Then a slick of Bourjois Volumizer Mascara to add a little day time glamour. To keep things fresh and simple, I opt for a brightly coloured sheer gloss in Candy also by Cosmetics a’la Carte for my lips. You can see by pictures how much I love this shade of gloss, it’s almost all gone *sob*.

So there you have it. A simple but fresh day time look.


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