The Fall Face


When summer ends, it can be hard to prise the coral lipstick and gold eye shadow, out of my kung fu like grip. Still, there comes a time to move towards a more autumnal look, and whilst I’m not jumping straight into plums and reds, a few subtle changes will go down a treat!  I didn’t ditch the gold, but I’ve added a few products that give a subtle nod towards the cooler days, the change in lighting and the new season in it’s in entirety. Now who would have thought, make-up can do all that!



I’ve gotta admit, during the working week, barely a smidge of make-up touches my face. I’m just too sleepy and let’s face it, a few extra ‘snoozes’ beats a full face of slap. Or at least that’s what I tell myself when I look bare faced and awful in the mirror! So in this ‘weekend fall face’ look, I’ve used my Chanel Foundation for a light, dewy finish. I like to have a little colour on my face even though it’s ‘fall’, so I reach for my Elf Contouring Blush & Bronzer, for warmth and a touch of rosiness – no brisk walk needed – or beach for that matter.


For my eyes I’ve created something rather shimmery , using shadows from Cosmetics a’La Carte. I tried to channel ‘Bella Swan‘ with a little silver colour in the inner corners of my eyes, using Cobweb. I can’t ditch the gold just yet, so  a sweep of Anitque was just the ticket. To create the ‘autumn’ look I reached for green. Now the key here is subtle. Always go subtle! I used Lichen  and then lined my eyes with a black liner on top and a deep green eyeliner from Sumita ( that I got in a Birchbox.)



A little sheer lip gloss with a hint of pink, completes the look and voila – you’ve moved your make-up in to ‘fall’ phase. Easy, breezy and nothing too extreme. Let’s save that for the Christmas parties shall we!?

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