5 Ways to Update your Look for Spring

5 Ways to Update your Look for Spring

It’s official. Spring is finally here and it’s time release those winter encased legs, into the warm glow of April light. Okay, so it’s not gloriously sunny everyday (details) but yesterday was wonderful. The addition of a little sunlight is such a contrast to the months of darkness we’ve just lived through – it’s enough to make you want to whip out your bikini and head on over to the nearest patch of grass. Please don’t though. There are much more stylish ways to welcome in the new season and I’m going to count you through the 5 simplest ways to update your look for Spring.

1.Get some colour on those digits

Your boot-bound feet are probably screaming for a little bit of TLC right about now and a mani-pedi is one of the easiest ways to channel the vibes of the new season, getting them fully prepped for sandal weather.  Bid a fond farewell to the oxblood colours of winter and embrace the hottest hues of spring 2016. Think creamy lemon, Blue Hydrangea, soft taupes, indigo, dark teal and beautiful corals. My favourite manicure and pedicure combo is a lovely bright white on the hands and the darkest blue on the feet.

2.Embrace the strobing trend

For those of you who break into a hot sweat at the thought of trying to create a Kim Kardashian-esque sculpted face, you may now breath a sigh of relief! Contouring is SO last season. The latest beauty look for spring is all about strobing. What’s this you cry? Well, the whole concept behind strobing is all about bringing light to the face – it’s essentially an advanced form of highlighting. All you need is one product and there’s no risk of creating a zebra-face at the end of it. Simply use your favourite highlighter on your forehead, down your nose, on your cupids bow and on the tops of your cheekbones, then blend in with a sponge to create a gorgeous spring glow! Simples.

3. Get yourself some new sportswear

We all know that sportswear has evolved into a whole new realm of fashion cool. No longer reserved for the gym, you can now slip into that lycra and wear it all day long for the ultimate in brunch chic. With Beyonce’s much hyped Ivy Park launch, fashion is now all about the ‘athleisure’ look. The brand combines high-performance active wear with fashion led styles, to remind you to stay strong, happy and healthy, no matter what shape you’re in. Barre classes have never looked so gosh-darn stylish.

Ivy Park


4. Get yourself some new kicks

Don’t get me wrong, I love a great boot as much as the next girl, but there’s something so wonderful about being able to wear a pair of cool trainers again, minus the fear that you might loose your baby toe to frostbite. I’m currently crushing on the Max Mara Weekender beauties from Superga, but I’m not sure I can justify the heft price tag. Still, the lacy ones are also high on my lust list, so I may just have to splash out.

5. Update your handbag for spring

A beautiful spring handbag is a great way to get a flash of soft colour into your wardrobe and freshen up your style for the lighter evenings. There are so many lovely colour hues out there, but I particulalry love the blush toned bags that are crying out to be taken on holiday. Don’t worry pretty bag, I’m booking Italy as soon as I can! A lovely soft-hued handbag will see you through spring and into summer in impeccable style.

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