Fashion Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! So we have survived the first almost full week of January, how are those resolution’s holding up? Something I wanted to try for my blog is to do “Fashion Friday!” once a week, on a Friday of course! I see this as being a variety of outfit posts, my top purchases, looks I like, stuff I would like to buy… you get the picture.

So here is my first collection for a New Year, New You! I see this as being my selection of items to inspire. If you want to travel, book that holiday whilst wearing a ‘Paris’ jumper! Get fit, join a yoga class, buy those skinny leather trousers and wear them with pride… or if all that makes you feel sleepy, just pop on some comfy slippers and before you know it, it’ll be spring!

I personally think colour on your cheeks and a nice dose of exercise, good food, and good fun will see you through January. A little shopping, or a lot of ‘upcycling’ (if budget is tight after the Christmas splurge) can make you feel like a new reinvented you!

Now where did I leave my yoga mat!?

Fashion Friday!

Acne skinny pants
$810 –

Nike sports bra
$34 –

Yoga bag

Meadow 8 x 8 Print
$32 –

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