Fashion Scout & The Body Shop UK

Fashion Scout & The Body Shop UK


Last weekend I was invited to checkout all the hottest new looks for Spring / Summer 2015 as a guest of The Body Shop. It was pretty exciting stuff. I hot footed it over to the beautiful building in which Fashion Scout was taking place, camera ready, hustling with all the fabulous people. I had my nails done and a mini facial, thanks to the wonderful Body Shop glam squad!

DSC06581 DSC06582

Unfortunately there was no time for make-up, which meant I was bare faced for the rest of the day. A beauty blogger’s worst nightmare, not to mention a fashion faux par, but in true beauty blogger style – I had blue lash extensions on, so I didn’t totally disgrace myself. According to the make-up face chart, I was totally on point with my blue lash choice. Preparation and planning equals success people!

Cut to – backstage where the real action happens.

DSC06567 DSC06574 DSC06576

It was hot. It was crazy, and there were multiple hair and make-up artists jostling to work on the same model, at the same time. Imagine that every morning… you would be out the door in 5 minutes. Am I right?!

DSC06573 DSC06572

My favourite make-up looks of the day were the bold, dark lips and sculpted cheek bones that I spotted at the Swedish Textiles Show. I was also really impressed with the Body Shop’s Colour Crush eye shadow in Sugar Gaze, which was actually used as a highlighter. It looked incredible and picked up the light so much that it almost gave a ‘wet’ look to the skin. FYI: Keep it between us.. but I had to bribe many a backstage artist to get that insider info!



DSC06565 DSC06578

There were loads of really healthy food and snacks for the models backstage. I drank my fair share of coconut water, sat back and enjoyed the shows! London Fashion Week is crazy, but so much fun!

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Here’s some of the gorgeous products I spotted backstage:


The Body Shop UK

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