When I was teenager I used to dye my hair so many different colours. Red, hoping it would look cool and edgy, no no it just looked like weird strawberry milk, then black,then blonde with black streaks(not my proudest moment). I’ve cut it in a variety of styles, permed it, Brazilian blow dried it, and just when I was at the point of thinking there were no more boundaries to push in the hair department – I found feathers.

Gone are the days of experimenting with colour. An ombre is just not going to work for me, but a delightful flash of a coloured feather in one’s locks.. now that’s special.

























I’ve got three feathers, all expertly put into my hair using a small clip. Two of them are neutral-ish colour that blends beautifully with blonde hair, and my third one is little more wild being pink and green You can’t take these out yourself, but you can straighten, blow dry and even curl your hair while you have feathers in. I think I’ve had mine in for about 2 months now, and I still love them. They’re discreet enough to hide under your hair should you need to, but different enough to make you feel like you’ve given your hair a little make over!

I got mine done at Hari’s in Chelsea – you can read my full post / declaration of love for Haris here:http://flutteringlashes.com/2012/10/12/272/

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