Feel like having a Cinderella moment??!!

The Disney pop up boutique in Harrods is  a magical place. With twinkly lights, costumes, and a Cinderella shoe parlor, it really is a little girls dream.. and it’s not to shabby for big (adult) girls either!

Eliza my 17month old niece is a huge fan, and was thrilled that her tiny baby feet, fit into the sparkling princess shoes. Well, much to mine and Eliza’s mums surprise they make them in adult size!

It did start off as a joke, but then the glitter went to our heads and we walked out with 4 pairs!  Evey girl wants to be Cinderella don’t they? At £25 for children’s princess shoes, and £35 for the adult one’s I think that’s a pretty great price to be turned into the most beautiful Disney character.

Prince Charming’s please form a queue – we are still admiring our shoes!




Apparently the last limited edition shoes ( Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers) sold on ebay for £400 – so really this purchase was a great investment!!

If you want a pair hurry hurry, they only made 10,000 and are selling like hot cakes.

Now where did I leave my pumpkin carriage?!

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