Five minute make-up guide!

Whilst the extra Z’s are wonderful, having no time to get ready isn’t, and no time for tea – even worse. Sadly, bed head is only cool when it’s created with products, not fresh from the duvet. Don’t worry your sleepy heads though, as I’ve created the five minute make up guide!

Get Organized: We all know the lay out your clothes before you go to bed trick, well make-up is no different. Make sure you know what make up you want to use in the morning, and store it where it can easily be found. Transparent make-up bags are wonderful, as are the storage boxes from Muji, so you can clearly see what you want to use. I love mine for it’s time saving purposes!

Don’t Experiment! Rushing to get out the door isn’t the time to try out your new blue mascara. Stick to your classics that you’ve mastered how to use, to make your make-up application as quick as possible.

Think – 5 product face! You only have five minutes to get slap on to face, so we need to limit the products that we’re using. When time is not on your side, you really only need 5 products to look fresh and ready for the day.

My 5 products of choice are:

1.Foundation – 2 mins
2.Blusher – 30 seconds
3.Tinted lip balm – 30 seconds
4. A Great eyeshadow- 1 min
5. Mascara – 1 min

Couldn’t do all that in 5 minutes? No problem. Concentrate on your foundation, apply it directly to your face with your finger tips and blend. I once met a celebrity make-up artist who told me she applies her eyeshadow with her fingertips to save time!

Next take an eyeshadow you love – there will be no time for blending or smokey eyes, so just choose a pretty color that you’ve used before. I often grab a nice gold color. Next apply your mascara. Eye make-up makes you look awake, and fresh, so do this if nothing else. Throw all the other products in your bag and do them on route. Ladies who can apply mascara on a train – I salute you – you are far braver women than me.

Chose products that multi task. I love my Giorgio Armani Maestro fusion foundation as its so matte you don’t need powder. Lipsticks often need lip liner to look perfect, which takes extra time, so stick with a tinted lip balm or sheer lip color for fuss free quick application.

So there you have it! Now you can officially hit the snooze button and enjoy those extra minutes in bed. For the hair – just break out the dry shampoo. Simples.

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