Foreo Luna Review

DSC06722I’m always game for putting fancy new face ‘gadgets’ to the test. Every beauty guru knows, you ain’t nothin’ without your beauty tools and yes, I have a lot of them – but the Luna by Foreo wasn’t like anything I’d ever seen before.
This pocket sized face cleanser is made of a silicone material, complete with funny looking bristles at the top that work to thoroughly cleanse the face. Simply charge, switch on and use with your normal cleanser for a two minute invigorating cleansing routine.
So, you use the *Luna on various sections of your face in gentle circular motions, concentrating on a single section for up to 12 seconds each. There’s a quick pause and then you move on to the next section of your face.  My Luna was pink, for normal / sensitive skin, but you can also buy ones for combination skin types and ultra sensitive skin.
The fantastic thing about the Luna, is that it not only cleanses your face and removes make-up gunk, dead skin and oil, but it also has an anti-ageing feature, which we all know is an added bonus! Using the back of the Luna on wrinkle prone areas, you’ll feel lower-frequency pulsations that can help to reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles, whilst giving you firmer looking skin. On my first couple of trials I can report a lot of red blotches, but they soon calm down. I think I probably will have to keep on using this for a wee bit longer to see the anti-ageing benefits.
This wonderful little gadget leaves your face beautifully clean and is so gentle on your skin that it can be used everyday, without causing any irritation. I particularly like the fact that you don’t have to change any brush heads. Something I’ve been known to be complacent about with other brush cleansers.  So far using the Luna, I’ve noticed much calmer, clearer looking skin. Whilst it’s tricky to navigate around your nose area ( where most of my flaky skin lies – waiting to torture me)  it’s a pleasure to use and doesn’t take up to much extra time in your skin care regime

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