From Beach to Bar


There’s nothing quite like spending all day at a beach, then heading straight out to a bar for cocktails. It’s something you can only do on holiday, where bikinis are acceptable bar attire, and having sea salt hair is obligatory. I have to admit, the first time I did a beach to bar thang, I did spend quite an embarrassing amount of time, *all of the time*, wishing I was showered and clean, and let’s face it, because we’re all friends here – wishing I had make-up on. Now this is the beauty geek in me, but since I learned that the beach to bar scenario was quite a common scenario amongst ma’ holiday buddies, I soon devised a plan to keeps things groomed in the beauty department. FYI – I realize how sad this probably sounds, but if you’re like me, read on!

First up, you need to get that suntan lotion off and brush those locks. Let’s get real, you may smell ‘coconutty’ but you probably look greasy, and your hair is probably matted – I gotta be harsh, plus I’m talking about myself. Like I said in my ‘beachy waves‘ post, I’m no beach babe.beach2bar

Hair and Skin: Make sure you pop a tangle teezer into your bag, and some make-up remover wipes, to spruce you up. Don’t forget to bring along some hairbands, in case your locks are more Simba, and less Victoria Secret Model. Now the suntan lotion is off *its obviously night time* apply a little BB cream to cover any post beach blotchy patches, or a mineral powder which won’t irritate any sunburn; which you won’t have as obviously you were wearing SPF, and reapplying regularly!

Smelling Good: Be smart and pop a mini perfume or body spray into your bag, I love my mini Nasiso Rodriguez for her . If you fancy being super ‘fresh’ throw in a stick deodorant for good measure – Aerosols can explode in the sun!

Eyes and Lips: Now your locks are in order, and you smell delish, you can apply some water proof mascara. Colored mascara is always fun, and another beauty item that is totally acceptable on holiday. Swipe on a bright lip stain, or lip gloss. This will make you feel more groomed, and glam instantly. Promise.

Cheeks: Embrace that summer tan with a swirl of bronzer. I love the Nars Laguna bronzer for it’s natural looking hue, with a soft golden shimmer and also the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Pink Quartz, for it’s lovely pinky bronze, illuminating glow.

I also like to throw a cover up in to my beach bag, and sometimes some jewellery, for beach bar occasions, but obviously you don’t want to look try hard! 🙂  A generous simple stash of make-up products will suffice, and a strawberry daiquiri please.

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